Audi hints RS six Avant is U.S bound

Audi continues to think about the thought of delivery the RS six Avant to the us for the primary time. The whole born a replacement hint we’ll see the new beach waggon on our shores before long in a very weekday automobile and Driver report.

Audi Sport R&D chief jazzman Hoffmann aforesaid his division is prepping for a significant product onslaught and titillated the new wagon’s come back to yank shores. Specifically, he aforesaid Americans have become additional inquisitive about true station wagons just like the RS six Avant.

“It is entirely doable that we’ll bring it back to North America,” Hoffmann aforesaid.

The near-confirmation of the RS six Avant’s introduction to U.S. shores follows our own coverage from last month. Audi voice Mark Dahncke told Motor Authority that the corporate was on the brink of creating a call on whether or not to bring the wagon to the U.S. He additional Audi has detected and seen the passion for such a model.

Apparently, executives had not created a final business case for its wagons within the U.S. In 2016, Audi interpreter Anthony Garbis explained to MA that worth positioning was a hurdle. As Americans still gravitate toward crossovers and SUVs, it had been onerous to justify adding the model line. He aforesaid a standard A6 Avant would seemingly price around $60,000 or $70,000, that overlaps with the Q7 SUV.

The RS six Avant has ne’er been sold-out within the U.S. the sole RS six Americans might purchase was the C5-generation automobile, that was last offered in 2003. Audi solely offered it as a sedan, although the whole offered its S6 as associate Avant. Upon the C6-generation’s arrival, Audi created the choice to drag wagons from the U.S. and not even the S6 came back. The nighest automobile Audi offers is that the connected RS seven Sportback.

In addition to the chance of the RS six Avant’s come back, Audi Sport conjointly plans for associate RS Q8 model, in line with the C/D report, and it’s completely sure for the U.S. The report claims the large and powerful SUV can build a minimum of 600 H.P..