Audi’s Hot New RS6 Sport Wagon might be returning to the U.S.

The Audi RS6 Avant wagon is probably going U.S. bound, and Audi’s former Quattro division has additional within the works.

Audi Sport, erst referred to as the Quattro division, is preparing for a burst of latest product—and the U.S. is obtaining a number of it. we have a tendency to mamma into our sources and spoke with Audi Sport R&D chief Oliver Hoffmann, UN agency confirmed a number of our speculation. “We area unit making ready for the most important product offensive we have a tendency to ever had,” he confirms, which can embody a brand new RS Q8 and the next-gen RS6 Avant and RS7 Sportback.

The best news for U.S. enthusiasts is that the RS6 Avant, a real motorcar, is poised for a come back to the U.S. market. in need of associate degree outright confirmation, Hoffmann says: “The U.S. market is more and more inquisitive about real station wagons just like the RS6 Avant. Therefore, it’s entirely attainable that we are going to bring it back to North America.”

In the past, Audi has oversubscribed the initial RS6 Avant of the C5 generation, that was battery-powered by a four50-hp turbocharged 4.2-liter V-8. once the C5, station wagons were force from the U.S., and its successors, the C6 RS6 Avant with its five80-hp biturbo 5.0-liter V-10 and therefore the C7 RS6 Avant with its 560- and 605-hp biturbo four.0-liter V-8, weren’t offered here. however a minimum of Audi offered the RS7 Sportback, that is closely associated with the C7 RS6 Avant.

Station wagons have entirely fallen out of favor within the past twenty years more or less, with their family image falling in need of the apparent oomph of SUVs. The impressive Cadillac CTS-V wagon oversubscribed in sadly low numbers, BMW born the M5 road way back, and Mercedes-AMG has primarily unbroken the E63 wagon in its lineup to appease a couple of gearheads.

But times area unit ever-changing, and with the A6 Avant’s coupelike silhouette, arguably even additional enticing than the A7’s, it’ll be an ideal machine to check the waters once more. Bring it on!

RS Q3 and Q8 on Horizon
From the success of the RS Q3, we will safely assume that Audi Sport is functioning on a successor of that model, and it’ll doubtless create a solid four hundred HP or additional so as to stay up with the Mercedes-AMG GLA45. Even before that, we are going to see associate degree RS Q8, battery-powered by a 600-plus-hp version of Audi’s omnipresent four.0-liter twin-turbo V-8. The RS Q8 can contend with the approaching Mercedes-AMG GLE63 automobile and therefore the BMW X6 M, however it’ll conjointly provide its company sister models a run: The Porsche Cayenne Turbo automobile and therefore the Lamborghini Bos primigenius area unit primarily battery-powered by a similar engine.

Another monstrous SUV is nice news for a few people, however it is the wagon news U.S. Audi fans can very care regarding.