Has China puzzled out a way to build a cool SUV?

Chinese SUV maker Haval is embarking on a charm offensive to woo a lot of Australians into considering a Chinese SUV.

The company has commissioned an area advertising firm to form a multi-media promoting campaign to expand its visibility Down underneath, despite the fact that it’s no plans to unharness a replacement model here before 2021.

Part of the good Wall Motor cluster, Haval sits on the fringes of the native vehicle market with its reasonable however ageing vary, which incorporates the uninspiring Haval H6 medium SUV, the H4 crossover and Toyota Prado-rivalling H9 massive SUV. the corporate logged simply 633 sales last year in total.

It’s a distinct story in China, wherever the corporate has already become the country’s number-one SUV complete with quite 850,000 sales in 2018, on the rear of its immensely improved second-generation medium SUVs together with Associate in Nursing all-new H6, the F7 and therefore the beautiful Wey VV7 premium SUV.

The cryptical call to not turn out any of those models in right-hand drive, though, implies that Haval Australia can need to await either the third-generation H6 or second-generation F7 before it offers something capable of usurping the likes of the Mazda CX-5 and Toyota RAV4.

Haval has conceded that won’t happen for a minimum of another 2 years, with the corporate still deciding that of the next-gen H6 or F7 are offered to right-hand-drive markets.

While that feels like an extended wait, it will provide time for the complete awareness campaign to sink in, permitting Haval Australia to hit the bottom running once the primary new model finally will arrive.

It conjointly offers sister complete Great Wall Australia a chance to plug its new ‘Adventure’ dual-cab Ute (below), that is being disclosed at the Shanghai motor show in the week and is thanks to arrive in late 2020.

Great Wall ute model

The executive director at the advertising firm charged with turning around Haval’s image, Damian Royce of Havas Melbourne, aforesaid one in every of the most goals of the campaign are to “tackle the interior discussion individuals have once considering one thing new over what they’re used to”.

He aforesaid the campaign, that commences next month, will gift Haval as providing smart price instead of merely being low-cost whereas emphasising the quantity of well-respected brands that offer elements for its “internationally built cars assembled in China”.

Both Royce and Haval Australia admit they need a giant challenge prior them to win the hearts and minds of Australian customers, however believe the duty can become easier once head workplace chooses a replacement medium SUV for the Australian market.

That will be a selection between the third-generation H6 or second-generation F7, each of that square measure however to be undraped.

What we have a tendency to do grasp is that the chosen automotive are designed at Haval’s new works in Russia, which might isolate it from any spikes in Chinese production demand.

WhichCar sampled the present Haval vary at its large workplace in Baoding, China and located the corporate has return leaps and bounds since being shaped in 2013.

While having restricted opportunities to drive every model, it absolutely was straightaway obvious that the two.0-litre turbocharged F7 stood out because the one best suited to Australian wants and tastes.

WhichCar understands that this is often conjointly Haval Australia’s most popular possibility.

Going by the present models, the F7 is sportier than the a lot of conservative second-generation H6, with a sleek, clutter-free and well-considered cabin style, with each cars providing a superb driving position, comfy rear seats with many legroom.

The F7 will have a BMW X4-like coupe-styled SUV known as the F7X that is additionally being launched at Shanghai in the week, although it’s still unclear if this may be out there in Australia.

Haval F7x spy shot

Both F7 variants square measure equipped with a replacement a pair of.0-litre turbo hydrocarbon engine and seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gear case that gives a lot of grunt than the second-gen H6’s one.5-litre 145kW/285Nm turbo four.

It’s doubtless that powertrain can carry over to the second-generation F7, that Haval says would endure an intensive native standardization program for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

A Haval representative told WhichCar the new F7 is additionally doubtless to include style parts from the head-turning Wey VV7, fenced in by former Land Rover styling director Phil Simmons World Health Organization is currently Haval’s world style director. His background is clear once examination the VV7’s silhouette with the vary Rover Velar.

Unfortunately, Haval has no plans to supply a right-hand drive version of the VV7, which can presently be introduced to the United States of America and European markets.